I Have Lupus and Diabetes, But I am Not Giving Up

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December 6th I went to the doctor after weeks of losing weight and uncontrollable urges to sleep.

I went in to be told I have lots of sugar in my urine. I was given 1 single pill to fix it but I was told to go and get a blood work.

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December 14th my – “40th” birthday and a little over one week later. I’m getting dress and blacked out… of course, I call s my doctor and made the appointment the next day.

December 15tg I have been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and Lupus!

What? How? When? And What again looking at the doctor as she hands me needles, insulin and a pamphlet explaining the conditions.

It has been a struggle and a huge lifestyle change for me. Almost 2 months now because of the Lupus medication my sugar levels are dangerously high therefore I have to check my sugar many many times during the day.

My doctor suggested Freestyle Libre an easier way to monitor your sugar without the painful figure sticks but my insurance won’t cover. I’m looking for some support on buying the needles I need for the monitor.

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I’m having nightmares, anxiety, severe fatigue, uncontrollable urges to sleep and dizziness. Most of all I’m so sad huge lifestyle change but I’m hanging in there open tomorrow will be better! Not defeated!

How did your Diagnosis change your Life? Show your support by Commenting!

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